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Boiler Finance

We offer multiple boiler finance options

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Offering Various Boiler Finance Options

At Woburn Heating Ltd, we are committed to delivering excellent service, and we understand that many customers may prefer the option of paying for their boilers on finance. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with established credit brokers, Ideal4Finance, to enable customers to spread the purchase cost with manageable monthly payments.

Ideal4Finance helps thousands of people secure finance for their purchases. So whether you need a replacement boiler for your current faulty equipment or a boiler installed in a new property, they may be able to help you out. They use only reputable lenders and are Trustpilot-rated ‘Excellent’.

You can apply online or over the telephone, and decisions are made quickly. The final decision is based on your circumstances, including your credit profile, how much you want to borrow and the loan period.

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Affordble Payments

Our finance options allow you to spread the cost of your new boiler over time with low monthly payments that are easy to manage.


Keep your savings for another expenditure, such as a family holiday or replacement car. Finance provides that flexibility in future when you may want to spend on some other luxuries.

Extended Guarantees

Many of our finance options come with extended guarantees, giving you added peace of mind and protection for your investment.

Quick & Easy Process

Our finance options are designed to be quick and easy to apply for, with most applications processed within minutes.

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What is Boiler Finance ?

Boiler finance is a financing option that enables you to pay for a new boiler installation in several instalments rather than paying for the total cost upfront. It is a popular option for homeowners who want to replace their old and inefficient boilers but may not have the funds to do so immediately.

The cost of a new boiler installation can vary depending on the type of boiler you choose and the complexity of the installation. Paying for it upfront can be a significant expense for many households, which is why boiler finance is becoming an increasingly popular option.

At Woburn Heating Ltd, we understand that investing in a new boiler is a major decision. With the help of ideal4finance, we offer flexible financing options to help make it more affordable for our customers. With their finance plans, you can spread the cost of your new boiler installation over various periods depending on your circumstances. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a new, energy-efficient boiler without the burden of a high upfront cost.

Overall, boiler finance is an excellent option for homeowners who want to upgrade their heating system without the burden of a high upfront cost. When choosing Woburn Heating Ltd, you will benefit from various flexible finance options to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about the financing options and arrange a free quote for your new boiler installation.

Why Get A Boiler On Finance ?

These days you can purchase more and more on finance, from large purchases such as cars to smaller things like food, so why not get your boilers on finance? Some of the key benefits of a boiler finance plan include the following:

Spreading The Cost – One of the most significant benefits of boiler finance is that it allows you to spread the cost of a new boiler over a period of time, making it more affordable and manageable. Many of us can’t afford a lump sum out of the blue when our boiler breaks, but we can afford to pay monthly, making this option perfect.

Saving Money – A new, energy-efficient boiler can significantly reduce energy bills. By opting for a new boiler installation, you can save money in the long run on your heating costs. Energy savings can actually save you significantly more than you are spending on interest fees.

Hassle-Free Service – With boiler finance, you can enjoy a hassle-free installation process without worrying about the upfront cost. The finance provider we work with offers a streamlined service, getting you the boiler finance deals you need without any of the stress.

Increasing Property Value – If you want to sell or rent your property, getting your brand-new boiler fitted quickly can increase your asking price. Having to hold off whilst you wait to save the lump some could end up costing you more.

Peace Of Mind – With our boiler payment plans, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a reliable and energy-efficient boiler without breaking the bank. Boiler financing allows you to get the new boiler you need so that your home is safe and sound.

If you aren’t sure if a boiler on finance is for you or if you just want to know about your boiler finance options, give our expert heating engineers a call and discuss the options available. We would love for everybody to have access to energy-efficient boilers, so don’t hesitate to contact us regarding finance agreement options.

Woburn Heating Ltd is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Ideal Sales Solutions Ltd, t/a Ideal4Finance. Ideal Sales Solutions is a credit broker and not a lender (FRN 703401). Finance available subject to status. The rate offered is always provisional and will depend upon your personal circumstances, the loan amount and the term.