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Boiler Servicing & Repairs

Across Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas

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Boiler Servicing & Repairs

At Woburn Heating Ltd, we understand your boiler’s critical role in keeping your home cosy and comfortable. That’s why we are your trusted partners for boiler servicing and repairs, backed by our Gas Safe and Worcester Bosch accreditations.

Discover how our expertise can ensure your boiler operates at its best, providing you with peace of mind and warmth year-round if you need boiler servicing and repairs across Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.  

What happens during your annual boiler service?


Initial Inspection

During a boiler servicing, your appointed boiler engineer will thoroughly look at the overall condition of your boiler to assess its functionality.

We will inspect the most important aspect of the boiler and its controls: safety. The controls regulate the flow of water and fuel so it’s vital they are working and are safe to use. We also check for leaks and obvious faults with the outside of your boiler.


Under the Hood

Once we’ve checked the outside of the boiler, we will pop off the outer casing and look through the internal components.

We’ll carry out a gas pressure test to measure the pressure of your boiler and make sure it’s functioning at the right amount. Other tests we carry out include a flue test. This will check the CO and combustion ratio to ensure they are at a safe amount and not emitting an excess of carbon monoxide gas.


Clean Boiler

Lastly, we will clean any components of the boiler that need a tidy up and check for lime scale or debris.

Once everything is in order, we will pop the outer case back on the boiler and give one last check. Before we leave, we will provide all relevant information about the boiler servicing that you can keep for your own records.

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